The gut feeling someone has about your business.

Brand Strategy Portugal

Brand Strategy

What if we told you that there's a way that you can influence the gut feeling someone has about your business, for the better? Well we are, and it starts with strategy.



We use interviews, questionnaires and workshops to take a deep dive into your business operations, current strategies and hopes for the future.

Big Picture Thinking

The Big Picture

We'll help you see the big picture, then we'll start to paint it. Understanding not only where you want to go, but why you want to go there.


Target Audience

Defining who you speak to, understanding how they behave and what problems you're going to solve for them is crucial when creating a strategy.



Our favourite part is connecting your brand to a personality, adding human characteristics, bringing it to life and developing its own conscience.

Tell Your Story

Humans are 25x more likely to remember a brand if there is a story attached. We'll not only help you tell your story, but position you as the unforgettable part.



We believe the best way to bring everyone together on the big ideas is to, well, bring everyone together. We make workshops really fun.

Is your brand not speaking to who it needs to?

Let's Find It

Brand Identity

Time to take our internal work and make it shiny. We're talking about the visual exterior side of your new brand and the identity that leaves long lasting impressions.



We start by analysing the strategy we've created and discovering competitors visual elements, external influences and desired aesthetics.

Brand Strategy Thinking

Creative Direction

It's time to match whats on the outside to the inside. Creative direction is the transitionary period from strategy to design.


Mood Boards

We'll start to turn our ideas into visual stories with mood boards that feature images, typography, textures, colours, graphics and more.

Deliverable Assets

Asset Design

We get down to it and start to create our deliverables such as logos, custom typography, graphics, illustrations, images and icons.



After finalising all visual assets, we gather everything into easy-to-follow usage guidelines that include all the dos and don'ts for your new identity.

Creative Process


This is our favourite part, we get to show our designs on all kinds of mock ups like stationary, mugs, buildings, billboards, vehicles and clothing.

What you're left with?

Shiny new brand complete with instruction manual

Our entire process all leads to the finished product and easy-to-follow guidelines that covers everything about your new and improved brand. Whenever you lose sight of the big idea, refer back to this guide.

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